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Hi, I'm Pam



I grew up learning the value of education.  My dad was the first person in his family to go to college and then law school.  His dad was a police officer who served in the Navy during WWII.  His mom started her own business, a salon. My mom is from Mexico.  She met my dad while working at a university.  She doesn't have a college degree, but also believed strongly in education.  When I was a kid, she worked at a private school which included the cost of my tuition. They set me up for success.  I eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and then went to get a Masters of Science in Broadcast Journalism. I worked in Mexico as a teacher before becoming a reporter. Reporting is where I learned to listen and to share people's stories.   


Today, I'm a communications specialist.  It's important people understand how their government works.  I share those stories regularly.  I want to serve on the Cabarrus County School Board because I believe they can do a better job at serving our kids and our community.  Not everyone who pays for our public schools has a current student.  We all benefit from a thriving and award-winning school district.  

I'm looking for your vote in November 2022. And in the mean time, support our campaign-- you can volunteer with your time or donate with your treasure. Thank you!

Our Kids' Education is

Always First

 The school board's focus must always be on education.  What are students' learning and what are their outcomes?  Staff in the Cabarrus County schools are experts in their fields of study and bring valuable information for school board members to consider.  It is our job to oversee the quality of education provided in our schools and ensure that we continue to hire and retain the best staff to maintain it.  As a voter, you can rely on me to do my homework, to come prepared, and to listen to you. 

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