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Your Voice can be Heard at the Ballot Box

You don't need to give a 3 minute speech, your voice can be heard at the ballot box. #vote4pamescobar #vote Early voting runs through Saturday, Nov. 5 and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

At the school board meeting on Tuesday 11/1, there were many speeches that discussed listening to students, caring for students and lifting up teachers. I am the only school board candidate (not up for re-election) that spoke and I am the only one that has consistently showed up asking the school board to address concerns from students, parents, teachers and staff.

I believe in the freedom of religion. And that means while I pray, I don’t want prayer to be in public schools.

In church this past Sunday, I prayed for all of you—that our elected officials work for the common good and not for personal gain. Whatever happens on Tuesday, November 8, I will continue to pray for you because we will need to move our schools forward, we will have to work together and we will have to focus on what we have in common—our kids.

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